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Fusion of techniques including hot or cold, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, stretching and self-care to help decrease pain and improve range of motion.  A treatment plan is made to work towards a tailored goal.


Myofascial release is slow movements and holds with the aim to release fascial restrictions in the connective tissues and scarring.  Commonly used for chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia, ME, MS, ABI, and long covid.


Using basalt stones this treatment is a deeply relaxing massage that can also be used for clinical treatment of muscles.  The stones are used to glide over your skin, placed for heat, or used for compression in treating trigger points.


During this time your body is changing and this treatment is adapted for you and your baby.  The treatment can be for relaxation or to treat pain conditions.  This massage is suitable for 3 months postpartum.


Range of motion testing of the muscles and working on a bespoke rehabilitation plan to strengthen muscles and rebalance the body to reduce pain and improve range of movement.  Can be for chronic or acute injuries.


This treatment is adapted for your needs whether you are currently having treatment or in remission.  Working with your body and where it's at to help reduce symptoms and improve mood.


Katerina is a trained health care worker and works with various conditions.  Treatments can be adapted to be seated,  in a wheelchair, or in a bed.  Working with your medical team to complement your care pathway.


These sessions will be tailored for each individual, it can be organized by the individual, medical team, or next of Kin.  The aim of these sessions is to use the power of touch therapy to bring an element of calm and stillness during this time.

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