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New course coming 2024

Massage for Complex needs and disabilities

KS massage therapies is excited to announce that in 2024 we will be offering a massage course designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide specialized massage therapy for clients with complex needs and disabilities. Our program focuses on enabling participants to work effectively within the healthcare system, ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for their clients.

Course Highlights

Blended Online Learning and Hands-On Training: Benefit from a combination of online modules and practical hands-on sessions, offering a dynamic and interactive learning experience.

Inclusive Massage Techniques: Learn massage techniques and positioning tailored to accommodate clients with diverse needs and disabilities, fostering comfort and relaxation.

Understanding Healthcare Settings: Gain insights into healthcare environments and protocols, allowing seamless integration and collaboration with medical professionals.

Communication Skills: Master effective communication strategies to liaise with clients, their caregivers, and healthcare professionals, promoting a coordinated approach to client care.

Ethics and Boundaries: Explore the importance of maintaining professional ethics and boundaries in the healthcare context, ensuring client trust and safety.

Safety and Risk Management: Understand potential risks and implement safety measures to safeguard clients and create a secure massage practice.

Adaptive Equipment and Tools: Familiarize yourself with adaptive equipment and tools to enhance the massage experience for clients with specific mobility needs.

Case Studies and Practical Scenarios: Engage in real-life case studies and practical scenarios, enhancing problem-solving skills and decision-making abilities.

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